Secrets that Explain Why Goa Is the Perfect Travel Destination

Are you looking for an exotic way to spend a sun-and-sand holiday? Fly to Goa. A state nestled in the west coast of India, this place offers an interesting mix of pleasurable and enjoyable activities that will suit everybody's holiday needs.

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So what makes this state your perfect travel destination? Read below and find out.

Carnival – If you are up for some fun and excitement, the Goa Festival is one very good reason to visit the premier destination. It is a three-day extravaganza filled with colour, amusement, and revelry that usually takes place in February. Time your holiday in this month and you will absolutely enjoy it.

Beaches - “There are unspoilt pristine stretches of sand for the solitude seeker and there are those ones jammed with people in every square feet of sand.” – Goa Tourism Surely, you do not need more convincing to start packing for your next getaway, right?  

Spice PlantationsThese are some of the popular attractions in the area, which is a complete opposite of the long stretch of coastline. Here, you can surround yourself with plush greenery and breathtaking scenery.

So you see Goa is your perfect choice if you want a blend of modern and traditional vacation destination. With that in mind, book your stay with use at Marbela Beach Boutique Hotel.

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