Discover the Recipe to Cooking Up a Romantic Getaway for Two

There's absolutely something magical about the idea of travelling the world with the person you love. Maybe it’s those photos of couples walking down the streets of Paris or strolling the beaches of Goa. Perhaps it's those romance flicks or page-turner books. Whatever the reasons are, it's definitely hard to resist the idea of going on a romantic getaway with your beloved.

Whether you're celebrating a milestone in your relationship or you just want to rekindle your passion for each other, a trip will surely be just what you need. But to make sure that you really get the romance that you desire during your getaway, it's very important to follow these tips:

Go for a not-so-crowded destination. When you're trying to spend some quiet and intimate time with your loved one, the long queues and noisy tourists would be the last things on your mind. While popular romantic spots are worth visiting, you can also try some not-so-crowded and even undiscovered destinations like India. You'd probably think that the country only has its rich culture to offer, but it actually has a great hideaway for lovers who want to spend a relaxing and romantic time on the beach.

Whether you want to do yoga together, spend a day at the spa or just watch beautiful sunsets by the beach, Marbela Beach in Goa has everything that you could ever ask for. In fact, if you're planning a destination beach wedding, you can include this resort on your top choices for venues. On the other hand, if you'd like to go formal with your ceremony and reception, you always have these venues to choose from:

Make sure that everything's taken cared of before your trip. While you can't expect everything to go as you planned, it wouldn't hurt to take care of everything beforehand either. Make sure that both you and your partner don't leave any pending work before your trip so you can really enjoy your getaway. It's also best to book everything beforehand—airfare, accommodation, transportation and tours—so you can just turn your relaxation switch on once you jet off to your destination. Of course, it would also help if you can order a few bottles of wine at Grand Millesime for those romantic dinners. So, better call and make those arrangements for your RV rental at Apollo as early as today.

Plan an itinerary that includes together and me time. Why should we spend alone time on a romantic getaway, you might ask. While you would want to spend every moment of your trip together, you can also use some time alone. This gives you the opportunity to really relax and enjoy some activities that you love without the pressure of thinking about someone else. You can spend the morning doing different activities and then meet up in the afternoon. This way, you'll miss your partner a bit, which makes your time together more worthwhile.

Isn't love a beautiful thing? Whether you're going away for the weekend or taking a tour around the world for a month, a romantic trip all boils down to you and your partner. So, don't worry about making everything perfect because as long as you have each other, everything will surely turn out they way you want it to be.

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